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Friedl  Aigner


Fine Art & Computer Graphic Design
Lives in Vienna Austria since 1970


Art Works
from 1972 to Present


Cartoons and Animation Drawings for Film and Print Media
like the Neue Freie Presse, Neues Forum, Rennbahn Express, Extrablatt, Arena Stadtzeitung, Volksstimme, Wespennest, Salzburger Nachrichten.
Stage Design Painting,
Landscape Drawings, Illustration Drawing Jobs.
Works on Paper, Acryl Paintings, colored Woodcuts.
Since 2003 also
Computer-Graphics, Print Jobs and Guitar-Recordings.


Workshops & Art Shows

Arena St. Marx 1. Kleine Halle – Ink Drawings
Atelier Erdberg Waschküche
Foyer der Komödianten im Künstlerhaus
@ Wühlmäuse Kufstein Tirol
Galerie Ergo Nachtatelier
Cafe Phoenixhof
Jugendzentrum Alterlaa
Atelier Erdberg Waschküche
BankAustria Z Gersthof 
UNO City Expo
Atelier Krichbaumgasse, Meidling
Galerie Dr. Kosicek
Dominikanerbastei, Innere Stadt
Atelier Inzersdorferstrasse
Galerie im Amerlinghaus, Neubau
Atelier Favoritenstrasse
Zum Wirten, Michelbeuern
Atelier Lenaugasse Josefstadt


1994 – 1998
Drawing at my Workshop & Gallery Atelier Erdberg
Atelier Erdberg Workshop Videos
Drorygasse, Erdberg


Exhibition * 20 Red-Green Flower-Paintings * Acryl on Canvas
@ Kornberger Horn Siebensterngasse, Neubau
2003 – 2007
Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design
with Apple Macintosh Computers
Adobe CS InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop



der Auer Grafikdienst Rudolfsplatz & Phorusplatz


bea trixi

Attended 13 AMS sponsored Courses
in Computer Graphic Design
on Apple Macintosh Computers
DTP Layout & Printing  with Digital Print Machines
@ BFI Wien  BAZ 1 Engerthstrasse, Leopoldstadt
1 Year Master Painter for ÖHTB Wien Favoriten
13 weeks Alcohol Release in API Kalksburg – Wien Liesing
Sober since 2000
Married to Renate on December 14th
in Florianigasse Josefstadt Vienna
1994 – 1998
Drawing Workshop & Gallery Atelier Erdberg
im Erdbergerhof, Drorygasse 19-23 1030 Wien
1990 – 2003
Chèz Feri & Friends landscape drawing and life music
in Schmalzgraben and Inzenhof
bei Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal Dreiländereck Süd Burgenland


Artista ospite al Signore Štěpán Zavřel at
Rugolo di Sarmede Veneto Italy
1985 – 1989
Atelier Am Tabor, Leopoldstadt
Atelier Speckbachergasse, Ottakring



Animation Drawing and Camera Assistent
with Ernst Schmidt Jun.
Heller-Fabrik, Favoriten
for the production of  his last film project
`Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken´ Part I
1980 – 1994
Attic and Basement cleaning Vienna, Furniture Restaurator,
Commune Mariahilfer Strasse  Commune Schäffergasse
Sammelsurium Kleine Neugasse, Margareten
Bio farm worker @ Irenental, Kukmirn, Eltendorf
Die Mahüler Band
Open The Barngates Band
13th Fairy Band
Landscape Drawings
Schloss Tabor Stage Drawings for
“Geil ist die Macht” Le Strangoulette
1979 – 1983
Workers Commune Mariahilfer Strasse,
die Mahüler went Bio Farmers
in Kukmirn Hafnergraben until 1990.
Roadtrips to Venice, Rome, Carcasonne, Bordeaux
Saint-Jean-de-Bruèges, Bonn, Berlin


1970 – 1984
Enjoyed 8 summers and 1 winter at St. Jean de Buéges
Herault Languedoc France .
Worked twice at the Vendange a Montlaur de Corbierres.



1978 – 1979
Youngest Janitor of the 15th District, they said.
Weekly Comic-Strip `Der Mundl´ for Wiener Wochenblatt.
1976 – 1978
Squatting & building the Arena St. Marx Wien
Multimedia Kleine Halle with ~ 10 others and Dieter Schrage
Layout, Illustration and Print of Arena Stadtzeitung
Backstage and Roadie Jobs for the Arena
and later WUK & Szene Wien.
National Service at Vienna Karls Kaserne and Pioneers Stockerau
1973 – 1975
Playing the Rhythm Blues Guitar
Sessions with Hansi Dujmitsch
at Cafe Dobner, Mariahilf
1973 – 1976
Cartoons for Dr. Dr. Günther Nenning
Neue Freie Presse and Neues Forum
Lived in Commune Kleeblattgasse Innere Stadt
The Cartoon-Book `Analo´ with Werner Kofler
was published @ Edition Literaturproduzenten
1972 – 1975
Went to Kunstschule Wien
Prof. Gerda Matejka-Felden Color Theory and Composition
Life Drawing Prof. Fritz Martinz
Extra Jobs at Theater an der Wien, Volkstheater
and some Movie Productions in Vienna
1971 – 1975
Hitchhiking a lot in Europe – Venice,  Rome, Marseille
Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier, St. Jean de Brueges
Carcassonne, Bordeaux, Paris, London, Edinburgh
Amsterdam, Bonn, Berlin, Munich and always back to Vienna.


1st Summer in South France, from there moved to Vienna
Commune Wiedner Gürtel 28
The nearest School that accepted me was
Secondary School Hebbelplatz 1 Wien X Favoriten


1969 – 1970
Donnerskirchen,  Burgenland


Gymnasium Neusiedl am See
1968 – 1969
Werkschulheim Felbertal Ebenau bei Salzburg
1967 – 1968
Elementary School in Neuhaus an der Donau/Plöcking.
Our home then was
Brunnwies Point 8,  Kirchberg ob der Donau.


1966 – 1967
Elementary School in Linz Urfahr
1963 – 1966
Elementary School in Achill Island
 friedl 66
 Doogort and Dooega
We spoke and wrote English and Gaelic there.


Started Elementary School in Linz Spittelwiese, then
Moved with my mother, the siblings and Heinrich Böll
via Köln and Dublin
to Doogort & later Dooega, Achill Island, Ireland.
1957 – 1962
Neue Welt St. Martin and Volksgartenstrasse Linz Austria


Friedrich  Albert  Maria Aigner
Born 14. 12. 1956 15h
in Linz Austria


Siblings I know of
Eva Amadeus Judith Sheila Brendan Matthias Florian Johannes
and the one from Mondsee


Step Parents


Werner Kofler  († 2011)
Helga Aigner


Auguste Kronheim
Draftswoman and Printmaker


Fritz Aigner  († 2005)
Phantastic Realistic Painter
Draftsman and Printmaker





Last edited April 28. 2019

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